Revolutionizing Recruitments Globally!

For Talent acquisition heads ,getting/searching talent in their own country for their domestic operations is not that big a challenge, considering the fact that they already would have built up a large network within their country, but the challenge is for Transnational companies that have their operations in a couple of countries outside their parent country, and have to find suitable talent in multiple markets.

At Konnexions, we realized that there were 2 very important tasks to be done

  • Find a way to search for talent across multiple borders
  • Find a cost-effective way for the same.

We operated on the premise that

  • If you exist in the corporate world, you need to be on the Internet somewhere!

Today, we have revolutionised the way talent is being sourced!

We search and analyze data from a multitude of sites to help identify candidates. It significantly reduces the time and cost of sourcing employees and also allows businesses to reach out to high-quality candidates who might not be actively searching for a job. We Have been successfully closing positions and have managed to tap candidates across 65 countries.

For us, now the WORLD is our market….! Waiting to tap TNC’s of the world for their manpower requirements across multiple borders!!!