OK, So You’re 40…and You Think its Time to Quit Your Job….& Pursue Your Passion!!!……

Amongst the various answers we get from people, as to why they are looking for a job change, ranging from growth…, new opportunities…, good job profile…, good pay.., we do meet many smart and talented people who say…’we want to get back to a job, after a…well…ahem !…. break’!

When everything seems to be going right with our jobs, we do start getting ideas that life could only be meaningful if we do what we love. Quitting full-time jobs to travel the world. Giving up everything to be your own boss. Leaving routine to build something from scratch. Pursue your passion…..is what we are constantly bombarded with. But, what they didn’t tell you back home is that

Pursuing passion is a privilege….

Are you privileged not to have loans to repay, are you privileged to have a full-time working partner, are you privileged to have family support. Remember, pursuit of passion is a time-consuming process…so quit your job, if you’re privileged

What they also didn’t tell you is

Nobody cares for your passion

Many people blindly follow their passion, believing their love for it will be enough to make them successful. It’s actually a lonely journey. The fact is no matter how passionate you are about something; nobody cares about it simply because you do.

It’s about your clients and customers: what you offer them, what you do for them and how they benefit from your product. You have to get them to care about your passion so much that they’ll pay you to do it. Ask yourself..what do you bring to the table that no one else does…

Finally,…Are you sure its passion?

Are you chasing money or passion? People do tend to get a little confused here. If your primary dream is making money through your passion, you may have to reconsider your decision, because the pursuit of passion may eventually lead to money, but it’s the part before the money flows in that determines your real conviction. Money, to begin with, should not be more than a by-product to what you want to create. Else, it’s safer to allow your passion to be just a hobby to derive pleasure along with your profession

So, for all the successful employees out there… Passion can fuel your drive, nurture your life, the concept is ideal for all….but..remember… not realistic for many!!!