Hiring Potential in Emerging Markets

As Business Intelligence is the hallmark of any growing business, as Search firms, it is important for us to understand trends in different markets, and make efforts to partner companies, across borders, wherever the need exists.

Interestingly, as per the World Trade Investment Report 2013, Emerging Market Economies have become an important source of foreign investments for the rest of the world contributing 31% ($426 billion) of total Outward FDI

The BRICS countries (Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa) have emerged as not only major recipients of FDI but also important outward investors. Their outward FDI rose from $7 billion in 2000 to $145 billion in 2012

The rate of FDI outflows from developing countries is exceeding the FDI Outflows from developed countries

The growth of international production by the top 100 TNCs, which are mostly from developed economies, stagnated in 2012. However, the 100 largest TNCs domiciled in developing and Emerging & transition economies increased their foreign assets by 20 per cent, continuing the expansion of their international production networks

What does all of this mean to us?

Its time to shift our focus on different countries of the world

While, developed countries have always been a great source of employment generation, its time to start focussing on the top 20 emerging markets of the world.

After all, in our business, it’s the rate of growth that matters!!!