Global Hiring-Wheres the Action Going to Happen?

As per the World Trade Investment Report 2014, released as of yesterday, clearly the world is seeing the sectoral dynamics changing fast, and if one needs to grow and keep pace with these changing dynamics, it is imperative to understand where shifts are taking place.

If you’re in the Oil & gas industry,…. wheres the action going to happen?

a) The shale gas revolution in the United States is a major game changer in the energy sector.

b) This may change the game in the global energy sector over the next decade

c) Transnational corporations from countries rich in shale resources, are strongly motivated to establish partnerships with United States players to acquire the technical expertise needed to lead the shale gas revolution in their countries.

So, if you are in the Oil & Gas industry today, and are in the United States, or looking to go there, theres a lot in store for you!

If you’re in the Pharma industry…wheres the action going to happen?

a) There is an increasing interest of pharmaceuticals TNCs in emerging markets

b) In developing economies, the transaction value of cross-border M&A deals in pharmaceuticals, including biological products, is fast expanding

c) . A number of developed-country Pharma TNCs are divesting non-core business segments and outsourcing research and development (R&D) activities

So, if you are in India and the other developing countries, and in the Pharma sector, don’t move out!

If you’re in the Retail industry…wheres the action going to happen?

a) New growth markets stand out as a focus of international investment

b) Countries with burgeoning middle class, increasing purchasing power and youthful populations are in focus

South America, sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia have become increasingly attractive to FDI by the world’s top retailers